What does API-PNR France system stands for?

(last updated at 11:31 am 07 December 2018)

What does API-PNR France system stands for? The decree No. 2014-1095 dated 26th of September 2014 (modified by the decree n°2018-714 dated 03/08/2018) creating the French API-PNR system authorises the collection and the treatement of commercial data used by the air carriers named API (check-in) and PNR (booking). This legal framework also provides to some empowered law enforcement agencies and intelligence services a limited use of these collected data, and thus only for the purposes of preventing/fighting against terrorism, serious crime and attempt to the fundamental interests of the Nation. Access to those data is indirect: it is validated or refused by the PIU (Passengers Information Unit) which is a cross-ministerial unit in charge of the validation of requests sent by final users. The PIU, created by a decree dated 22nd of December 2014 ( modified by decree n° 2018-722 du 03/08/2018) , guarantees the data collection process, the data quality control, the storage and the treatement of requests made by the law enforcement agencies (under conditions and after validation, in particular regarding the accuracy of the results).