API-PNR France's legal framework

(last updated at 04:34 pm 12 September 2018)

- Directive (EU) 2016/681 from European Parliament and the Council dated 27/04/2016 related to uses of PNR Data for the prevention and the detection of terrorism and serious crime.

- Military planning law n°2013-1168 dated 18th of December 2013 (article 17)

- Law No. 2015-917 dated 28th of July 2015 (article 28) updating the Military planning law n°2013-1168 of the 18th of December 2013

- Decree No. 2014-1095 dated 26th of September 2014 (and modifying decree n°2018-714 dated 03/08/2018) which allows collection and processing of API and PNR data

- Decree No. 2014-1566 dated 22nd of December 2014 ( and modifying decree n°2018-722 dated 03/08/2018) creating the French PIU (Passenger Information Unit)

- Decree dated 21st of October 2015 authorizing the connection between API-PNR France system and the French wanted persons file

- Law 2017-1510 dated 30/10/2017 improving internal security and fight against terrorism