Scope and legal obligations

(last updated at 12:22 pm 07 March 2019)

Airlines are required to send reservation (PNR), check-in and boarding (API) data for passengers on flights to or from French territory (regardless to the nationality of the company or of the passengers on board).

The information is transmitted by the air carriers to the Passenger Information Unit.

The requirement to deliver API and PNR data is applicable to all airlines operating flights to, in transit through, or departing from France, except for domestic flights in continental France and Corsica.

This requirement applies to all commercial flights.

Legally speaking air carriers are responsible for the transmission of reservation (PNR) and check-in (API) data for passengers, even if this task has been subcontracted.

Airlines must inform passengers that their API and PNR data are transmitted to the "Passenger Information Unit" (PIU), which is a cross-ministerial agency in charge of the French API-PNR system.

Airlines are required to send 4 messages for each flight:
- PNR : 48 hours before STD (Scheduled Time of Departure) and at ATD (Actual Time of Departure)
-  API Passenger at ATD.

Commitments concerning data protection and passengers' information

In accordance with Article L.232-7, air carriers certified and connected to API/PNR France information system have to inform concerned people about the treatment implemented under 3° of Article L.232-1 pursuant of the disposals provided by the law n° 78-17 “data protection act”.

Therefore, PIU will check whether you have inserted in the relevant electronic supports, user interface or forms related to booking used by your company for the purpose of passengers PNR/API, the following wording :

" In accordance with Article L 232-7 of French Internal Security Code, please be informed that air carriers shall transmit reservation/checking and boarding data collected from their passengers (PNR/API) to the French national public services and competent authorities for the purposes and under conditions as defined in the Decret N° 2014-1095 dated 26/09/2014, and the modifying decree 2018-714 dated 03/08/2018".

The French API-PNR Guidelines can be downloaded below.

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