Certification process

(last updated at 04:55 pm 12 September 2018)

Prior going live on production, a certification process has to be finalized.

The process is based on the 4 following steps:

1. Official notification sent to the air carrier

The notification is an official letter signed by the director of the PIU sent to the related airline.

2. Pre-certification phase

The pre-certification phase is about mobilizing actors, and to plan a calendar, routes and data to get into certification. It will be done by a project team from the airline and its service providers and the French administration.

3. Certification

This step is aiming to prove the ability by a data provider to get operationally connected to the certification environment of the API-PNR France system, authenticated by API-PNR France system, and able to transmit API and PNR data to the API-PNR France system, in accordance with shared formats and using shared protocols.
The data quality of messages (accuracy, sustainability, etc.) is also checked, for all routes and stopovers operated by the company.

4. Official notification for switching into production

The production notification is a letter signed by the director of the PIU sent to air carriers once the tests have been performed and validated.

This letter lists:

  • The formal production date decided in coordination between the air carrier and the PIU
  • The routes operated by the air carrier
  • A reminder of the legal obligation to inform their passengers about the collection and processing of their API and PNR personal data
  • The obligation to notice the PIU about any update of the operated routes

Are attached to this notification annexes defining the scope switched into production.

The letter is also the starting point of the period where legal requirements are binding for air carriers.

Indeed, pursuant with articles L.232-5, L. 232-7, R. 232-1-1 and R. 232-5-1 of Homeland security code (Code de la sécurité intérieure), the PIU could launch an infringement proceeding against the air carrier not complying with the requirements to provide API-PNR data. A fine of 50.000 euros is applicable for each flight from or to French territory without data sending or with data partially sending.