About Passengers Information Unit (PIU)

(last updated at 04:41 pm 12 September 2018)

The decree No. 2014-1095 dated 26th of September 2014, and modifying decree 2018-714 dated 03/08/2018, creating the French API/PNR system provides that the air carriers have to send reservations data (PNR) and check-in data (API) of their passengers, for all flights to, or departing from France, except for domestic flights in continental France and Corsica.

This legal framework also allows the automatic processing of these data by some limited number of state law enforcement agencies for the only purposes of prevention and fight against terrorism acts, serious crimes and infringement of fundamental interests of the Nation.

The Passengers Information Unit (PIU), whose functionning is regulated by the Decree No. 2014-1566 dated 22nd December of 2014(and modifying decree 2018-722 dated 03/08/2018), is a cross-ministerial agency located in Roissy Charles de Gaulle.

The PIU acts as an interface between passengers data collected and stored and the French law enforcement agencies requesting access to these data. The PIU is in charge of controlling the accuracy and the data quality of messages sent by the air carriers, but also of the legality and the validity of requests sent by empowered final users (a limited number of law enforcement agencies). The PIU also checks the quality and the relevance of results.

It means that access to personal data is not direct : the requests for checking in the database are submitted to the PIU, which can validate or refuse them. To that extend, the PIU contributes to an appropriate level of personal data protection.